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Single-axis Solar Tracking System

It's time to meet OxoTracker

Maximize Benefits from the Sun

5 years electronic warranty 13 years of experience 10 years structure warranty 100% satisfaction In-house production 20% efficiency Increase IEC 62817 First in Turkey
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Don't Let the Sun Go Down Empty-Handed

Energy Production W/m²

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Energy Production W/m²

Fixed Mounting System
Easy Installation

The entire system is designed with a plug-and-play approach. Thanks to detailed installation guides and a mobile application, you can easily set it up

Flexible, Compatible

It can be adapted to suit various terrain and weather conditions.

Online Tracking

You can monitor your site online and live, and instantly detect any potential faults.

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Why OxoTracker?

Because the sun is worth tracking...

Master the dance of
daylight and shadow
with Oxotracker

About Us
8MW+ Tracker Reference
10+ Year of Experience
400MW+ EPC Reference
300+ Happy Customer

We have been working for over 10 years in solar power plants, focusing on investment, consulting, maintenance and repair, production, EPC, online, and wholesale sales.

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About Us Right Image


IEC 62817, CE, ISO and other certificates

It's Time to Track

We have blended the experience gained over the years in our R&D department, and now we have produced a completely indigenous solar tracking system.

What's New?

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