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High Efficiency and Power of Control

OxoTracker is an innovative product that blends Gumbel's experience in solar installations exceeding 400MW and carrier production surpassing 1GW.

5 years Electronics Warranty
20% Increased performance
10 years Mechanical Warranty
Easy Installation

The entire system is designed with a plug-and-play approach. Thanks to detailed installation guides and a mobile application, you can easily set it up

Flexible and Compatible

It can be adapted to suit various terrain and weather conditions.

Online Tracking

You can monitor your site online and live, and instantly detect any potential faults.

Why Oxo Tracker

With OxoTracker, we make our solar experience available for use everywhere the sun touches.

The moment you approach us with a request for a solar tracking system, our experienced engineers meticulously study your site and prepare a custom proposal tailored to the installation area. This process takes into account climatic data, site conditions, and customer demands.

A site layout, production simulation, and feasibility study are conducted to share the optimum solution for the system with the client.

Single Axis Solar Tracking System

Our single-axis solar tracking system is a domestic and national product manufactured within Gumbel, featuring embedded software, power electronics units, online tracking and management software, and mechanical design. It has proven its compatibility with international standards through the IEC 62817 certification.

Solar Tracking Image
Solar Tracking Image

Each Detail Designed Carefully


Easy Installation


Smart & Online


Fast Commisioning


Custom Design


Flexible & Adaptive


Developed In-House


Flexible Algorithm

Our solar tracking algorithm can be adapted for different terrain conditions or construction types.

AgroPV / It can account for non solar factors.
Specific terrains / It can accommodate different slopes and row spacings.
Integration / It can connect to different systems via API integration

Online Monitoring and Management

You can monitor and manage the solar tracking system through an online platform

Online Monitoring System;
24 hours access / Authorised users
Mobile App / IOS and Andorid
Send commands online / All field or single row

Easy Installation

It offers easier and faster installation compared to its competitors.

Compared to competitors;
Mechanical Connectors / Less is better
User Manual / PDF and Online
Flexible installation / 3d slots
Compare Image 1
Compare Image 1
Compare Image 1

Power Unit

Our power unit is designed to operate under harsh external conditions and can be directly connected to the solar panel.

The long-lasting battery system, designed in-house by our company, is incorporated into the Oxo Power Unit, which offers the flexibility to adapt to various scenarios.

Product Image
Tracking Merhod
Single axis(east-west)
Tracking range
Panel Arrangement
Vertical, single row
Working Temp.
Power Consumption
Drive System
Slew Drive
Row Length
max. 78 mt.
Online Monitoring
OxoTracker Cloud System
Product Image
Foundation Methods
Rammed, Pre-drilled
or concreted
PV Modules supported
Most commercially available
Slope Tolerance
East to west unlimitted
South to North max 14°
Allowed %75
Protection Modes
Storm, snow and hail
Zigbee or MODBUS
Power supply
Oxo Battery or AC Wired
Shade avoidance
OXO Backtracking Algorithm
Control Algorithm


Embrace the Future in Agriculture with Solar: AgriPV (Agrivoltaics)

Oxotracker has been chosen for the R&D project under the auspices of METU - GUNAM. Planting is conducted beneath the tracker, and agricultural data is being analyzed.

Oxotracker can adapt flexibly according to field specifications and demands.


In Şanlıurfa, we brought together effective solutions for challenging field conditions with the advantage of OxoTracker.

The project we implemented in Şanlıurfa had all the challenging conditions for the installation and operation of the solar tracking system. Particularly, the wind conditions were challenging, and there had been previous unsuccessful attempts with solar tr

With our experienced team, we overcame all the challenges from the planning stage to production and field assembly, signing off on a successful project that competes with global examples.